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Summary and Suggestions

Purposes of practicum The purposes of SEA Teacher Program are new experience, knowledge and know about the other ASEAN country culture. The specific purpose of this program is to feel the education experience and atmosphere in other South East Asian country in short time stay.  2. Procedures of practicum In joining SEA Teacher Program we... Continue Reading →

Teaching Practice

Procedures of teaching Before having teaching practice, class observation being the first thing that we have do. This class observation conducted to know the class condition – class activities and students characteristic on the first week, then second week and third week will be the time to have teaching practice. There are some requirements that... Continue Reading →

Teaching Plan

Curriculum The curriculum that used in the school is K-12. “K” stands for Kindergarten, “12” succeding for 12 years basic education (six years for Elementary Education, four years for Junior High School and two years for Senior High School). K-12 prepare for students need to prepare for the world of the work, entreprenuership and higher... Continue Reading →

Pedagogical Contents

Teaching methods Central Bicol State University of Agriculture Laboratory High School - Grade 10                     After doing class observation in some classes with different levels but in the same subject, the teacher focus on three objectives that they will always give the students. They call as CAP (Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor). By having these three objectives,... Continue Reading →

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