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Teaching Plan

  1. Curriculum

The curriculum that used in the school is K-12. “K” stands for Kindergarten, “12” succeding for 12 years basic education (six years for Elementary Education, four years for Junior High School and two years for Senior High School). K-12 prepare for students need to prepare for the world of the work, entreprenuership and higher education. K-12 have learning area such as Language Technology, Livelihood Education (TLE), Mathematics, Science and Arts and Humanities.

2. Teaching plan related to your major

There are two styles of the lesson plan the detail lesson plan and the simple lesson plan. There are some requirements that we have to write in detail lesson plan are: Content Standard, Performance Standard – from the curriculum k-12, Objectives – learning goals, what the students will get from the material, Skill – what competence that the students will get, Topic – theme of the subject, Selections – the material, References – learning sources, Materials – properties, Procedure – state the detail of time frame, teacher and students activities in the class. The requirements for the simple lesson plan that we have to write are: Objectives – learning goals, Subject Matter – included of Topic, References, Concept – the outline of material, Skills, Material, and Methodology – method that teacher use, Procedure – for the procedure we just put what activities that we will do in the class and the time allocation.

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