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Teaching Practice

  1. Procedures of teaching

Before having teaching practice, class observation being the first thing that we have do. This class observation conducted to know the class condition – class activities and students characteristic on the first week, then second week and third week will be the time to have teaching practice.

There are some requirements that we have to fulfill before we have teaching practice:

  • Making Lesson Plan

The first thing before I have my teaching practice, I have to make lesson plan.  Actually, I already asked one of teacher in Laboratory High School about example of the lesson plan, but I lost it because of my flash-drive infected virus, then I browsed lesson plan and asked student-teacher there, how their lesson plan look like and they showed me the detail lesson plan when all of teacher and student activities, time and material state there exactly. Then I decided made my lesson plan by combining Indonesian lesson plan style and put some details of their lesson plan and consulted to my cooperating teacher to make sure my lesson plan was ready or not. As participant SEA Teacher program, I have to fulfill teaching requirements minimum 20 hours by teaching two classes, grade 8 and grade 10.

  • Preparing Material

After the lesson plan is ready, I have to prepare material and some activities well. I gave them copy paper as their handout; to make the students easier followed the topic. As references, I used the text book that the teacher used to teach the students. I just continued the last topic that the teacher gave to the students and continued to the other topic.

2. Time management and organizing activities

Time is the important thing to manage the activities in the class. When I teach the student, I really tried to managing the time based on the lesson plan that I made. Even the time always changes a bit but the classes run well and the materials can be done on time.

3. Problem-solving

In my first, second teaching practices, I get the problem on my delivering material. I couldn’t give the students clear instruction after I explain the material and asked them to do group activities. Because of unclear direction sometimes the students didn’t get the point of my instruction but their understand me, even I can’t give direction clearly.

Grade 8 Students

The other problem that I always face were the students lateness and discipline. In my first time teaching grade 10, there was one students that coming late for an hour. Then I asked to them, where is their home and how long that it takes them to the school. After that, I give them motivation that we were not allowed to coming late, and I tell them that time can not be replay and how important time to our life. After that, in my second and third teaching they didn’t coming late. I always asked them to wear the uniform and their student ID card and put their name tag. Since I have a big number students of grade 10 and grade 8.

4. Classroom management

Grade 10 Students

I think there were no big problems to handle two classes with big number of students because the students are very great and followed me well in activities. Sometimes, when they bit noisy I give them code by smiling and being silent. After that, I told to them that when their friend is answering the question or give opinion, they have to listen. Then, they followed rules very well in my teaching practice.

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