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Summary and Suggestions

  1. Purposes of practicum

The purposes of SEA Teacher Program are new experience, knowledge and know about the other ASEAN country culture. The specific purpose of this program is to feel the education experience and atmosphere in other South East Asian country in short time stay. 

2. Procedures of practicum

In joining SEA Teacher Program we have to follow some rules. There are class observation, teaching practice and make the report.

3. Outcomes of practicum

By having SEA Teacher Program, I have learned new experince how I life in other country, new knowledge in education, language and culture. By having new knowledge especially in education, I can take so many experiences about teaching. By questioning to our self as teacher and place our self as student and what we will give to the students to feel the best the education experience.

4. The challenges of practicum

The challenges of SEA Teacher program, -for me- it was bit hard to teach students from country that used English as their second language, especially in Philippines – because I assigned to be there.  English as Second Language focused on how they focused on literature. As students from English Education program that only get a small piece of literature, it was bit hard –for me. It will be so much different in Indonesia, English viewed as a foreign language and we just teach the students about the basic; how we greet someone, asked their help, how the formula to construct sentences. That’s feels different because we see English in different ways, English as Second Language in Philippines and as Foreign Language in Indonesia. Based on this case the teacher will teach students in different way based on the view.

5. Overall impression

It was the best life and education experience I ever had. I’m so grateful to have chance to go aboard freely for the accommodation also the facility. I’m so happy to know the other country culture, especially Philippines.

6. Suggestions for future improvement

This program almost perfect, but hopefully for the next program the university receiver will have the exact schedule and this program have a one group to coordinate the other students that assigned in the same country.

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