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Pedagogical Contents

  1. Teaching methods
Central Bicol State University of Agriculture Laboratory High School – Grade 10

                    After doing class observation in some classes with different levels but in the same subject, the teacher focus on three objectives that they will always give the students. They call as CAP (Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor). By having these three objectives, they give the students learning experience not only about knowledge it self, but the teacher put feelings to build the students emotion and the students perspectif about the topic that they discussing. Example, after they have discussing about the outline story, the teacher will asked them about the character of the story and the teacher will asked the students perspective feeling and imagine if they will be like the character of the story. This is the one way to place and build the students emotion to feel what the others feeling and learn from the story. The teacher also give students activities. The activities that the teacher give to the students group discussion and group performance. These activing will hone their psychomotor. They showed that they really enjoyed when they have group performance, because they can express freely and explore more their creativity.

                    Beside that, the teacher not only role as educator but their place as parents and friends to the students in one time, so there is no gap between the teacher and students.

  • Learning materials and innovation

                    Before the teacher give the materials, the teacher will give motivation to the students. This motivation will stimulate the students and relate to the material that the teacher will give. The teacher will ask students opinion to make them active and participate in the class acitivities. Example, the teacher will explain about korean culture, they overing some questions to the students about what they are know about korean then the student will express their opinion bravely related to the material that the teacher asked. Beside the students participating in the class, the students will make confidence to express their opinion freely.

  • Sources of learning and technology used
Central Bicol State University of Agriculture Laboratory High School – Grade 11

                    For the learning sources that teacher use from the text book. For grade 8 the teacher used “English Communication Arts and Skills Through Afro- Asian Literature” and for grade 10 the teacher used “Celebrating Multiculturism Through The World Literature”.

                    Technology that the teacher used is the LED TV in some classes, projector, speaker that Laboratory High School prepare. This media will enhance the teacher to present the material and put the video by using those facilities.

  • Authentic assessment

                    For the assessment the teacher give them some questions. For each question will answer by each group in the class. The teacher teach 10 grade class which consist of 43 students, then the teacher divide them to 6 groups, after that the teacher give them question, one group one question and they have answer the question by group.

                    In the end of the lesson the teacher has a short review about the material that the teacher discussed together with the students.

  • Others

            The teacher always used verbal reinforcement to the students. This showed after the students answer the question of the teacher or the students done to help the teacher fixed something.

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