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School: General Information and Academic Administration

Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, Pili, Camarines Sur.
  1. School profile

Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) is one of public university in Philippines, Barangay San Jose, Municipality of Pili, Province of Camarines Sur. It was established on 1918. There are four campuses of CBSUA in Camarines Sur, for each campuses placed on different area. There are located on Pili, Calabanga, Sipocot and Pasacao. The main campus of CBSUA situated on Pili, where the Mr. Alberto N. Naperi, President of CBSUA stayed there. There are six programs in CBSUA:

  1. College of Agriculture and National Resources
  2. College of Development Education
  3. College of Economics and Management
  4. College of Engineering and Food SCIENCE
  5. College of Arts and Sciences
  6. College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Development Program of CBSUA on Pili campus built public school name Laboratory High School. Laboratory High School of CBSUA built to remember of Victor Oblifias dedication. He is the first Filipino administrator of Camarines Sur Agricultural High School and he administered Camarines Sur Agricultural High School for eight years (1920-1928). Laboratory High School officially opened on June 5, 2014. There are two levels Laboratory High School: Junior High School and Senior High School. Junior and Senior High School of bring the same philosophy “Education for Sustainable Human Development”. It means that education is essential and effective way to sustain human needs, especially in developing skill and knowledge.

  • Academic support system

Central Bicol University of Agriculture Laboratory High School support their students by having some facilities. There are College of Development Education (CDE) Library and University Library, where the students find book sources or references and nouvel there. Inside of University Library, there are some computers for students name ICT Room. ICT Room can be accsess for CBSUA students to help them find more sources from internet. CBSUA also suport their student physical activity by having basketball, vollyball, tennis, and soccer field. CBSUA also mantain the students healthy by having medical service inside CBSUA.

  • Teaching system

Teacher focus on “Student Learning-Center”, means that the teacher as facilitator in the class, by giving material or presentation in the class then student will more active in the class by asking, questioning, explain their opinion, having group discussion or performance.

  • Materials and other learning sources

Materials that the teacher used is text book from the goverment. So, the goverment gave the teacher two text book, teacher guidance book and for the student book. By having those two books the teacher will know how to drive the class and what then which are the activities that they will give to the students. The teacher also combine text book material by adding some video or song from internet.   

  • Measurement and evaluation system

Test, become the tool for measurement and evaluation system for each subjects. It will be held after the student close to the next quarter.

  • Curriculum

The Curriculum that Laboratory High School of CBSUA used is K-12. The curriculum prepared for every subject from the government. This curriculum focused on the students’ competences, knowledge, social and emotion aspects.

  • Teaching plan (of your major)

The lesson plan is written in English, if we compare the lesson plan that we made in Indonesia is using Bahasa Indonesia. For the detail of lesson plan is a bit similar but there is some point that different, since that the lesson plan that we made in Indonesia is simpler and we don’t put the whole material and the teacher detail activity there.

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